12v Silent Pack

Green Bulb
The Kabco 12v Silent Pack is a simple way of reducing generator running times for environmental reasons or increased operator comfort. Making use of an on-board battery and an independent heating system, the Silent Pack allows operators to benefit from heating and 12v lighting within the welfare unit, but without the need for the generator running. This can be beneficial when using the welfare unit in environmentally sensitive areas or late at night within built up areas. The 12v Silent Pack can include an optional generator auto start system, which ensures that battery levels do not become depleted.

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The optional auto start system means that a signal is sent to the generator when the battery runs down, preventing them from being totally drained and damaged. Once the battery is fully charged, the system monitors the battery pack for a period of time.
In order for the system to operate with optimum performance, minimising generator run time, the auto start has adjustable thresholds to meet operator requirements.

In a growing environmentally conscious market, 12v Silent Pack offers a considerable number of environmental benefits. For certain applications, diesel generator power is necessary due to high power demand and greener power modules alone are unsuitable.

12v Auto Start maximises operator comfort and satisfies the requirement for green energy, by keeping generator run times to a minimum.

Similar technology is used throughout the welfare unit industry, with each manufacturer having their own variant of this system. Kabco’s 12v Silent Pack has been developed by our in house team for over 10 years and is one of the most reliable available on the market to date.

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