Welfare Units

In the business of manufacturing bespoke welfare units it would seem that some designs are in fact built to last.

The CUB range of welfare units offered by Kabco never cease to be a popular choice with hire companies and contractors alike.

The no fuss / no frills familiar set up gives customers confidence coupled with more than adequate facilities.

MD Simon Elston says “When we design bespoke products sometimes customers end up back at the familiar design of the Kabco Cub not because they or I lack innovative vision but because the product is practical and gets the job done, we often find that the requirement some of our customers feel require a bespoke cabin are encompassed within the CUB design. Its testimony to a good design when alternative size under gear and chassis arrangements can be integrated into the same body, this is highlighted in our RANGER product.”

CUB 8 in Hertfordshire

CUB 8 in Hertfordshire

CUB 8 with Fork Truck Pockets for safe and easy handling.

CUB 8 with Fork Truck Pockets for safe and easy handling.


The CUB range of welfare units offer the following in terms of specification and features:

1. Industry Standard Doors and Windows

2. Larger Seating Area than any competitor cabin.

3. Clean & Dirty Drying Room

4. Adjustable Height Elston Air Suspension

5. Compatible with any generator.

6. 12v & 24v LED Road Lighting

7. Full Range of Eco Power Pack Options

8. 85l Water Tank

9. Fully Equipped Kitchen

10. Gross Weight 2000kg

11. IVA Type Approval

12. 2 Pack Paint Finish

13. Choice of Ceramic or ReCirc Toilet

14. Hot Water Kitchen & Toilet


For further information please contact the sales team on 01942 821446 or 07501729550

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Stand Out from the Crowd – Kabco Bespoke Offices


With the average office working Brit spending around 43 hours per week at their desk – our working environment has never been more important.

Studies have proven that working environment impacts massively on productivity… Kabco frequently convert old or disused containers into offices, using our skill and expertise to transform these industrial looking shells into eco offices or offices with a specific theme in mind without breaking the bank.


Timber faced ex shipping container with grass roof, eco heating and hot water system and reclaimed timber porch.

Timber faced ex shipping container with grass roof, eco heating and hot water system and reclaimed timber porch.


Typical features include:

* Pitch Roof

* Timer Cladding

* Solar Power

* Grass Roof

* Re-Claimed Timber Seating

These container conversions can also be carried out with a more conventional finish to provide economical portable or permanent offices, changing rooms, toilets, canteens, meeting rooms etc.

Conventional interior finish changing block.

Conventional interior finish changing block.



Please contact us 07501729550 or 01942 821446 or sales@kabcoproducts.co.uk for a quote to match your budget.

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Land & Water Plant Ltd choose KABCO for bespoke refurbishment of multi purpose barge “The Bigger Picture”

As seen in our previous posts work began on the second barge conversion for Land & Water Plant Ltd in Aug 2016, we are now pleased to showcase the finished product and highlight the features and quality of the project.

“Renew – Reuse – Recycle – that’s the motto at Kabco where we believe that taking these older pieces of plant not currently in service and giving them a new lease of life is the way forward for our established customers” said Simon Elston MD “The Bigger Picture is a prime example of what can be achieved in terms of refurbishment and extended product longevity if you have the necessary imagination and skill set”.


Seamless GRP Hi Gloss Interior - Easy to clean and durable.

Seamless GRP Hi Gloss Interior – Easy to clean and durable.


Stainless Steel Kitchen - fully equipped including fridge.

Stainless Steel Kitchen – fully equipped including fridge.


Seating is comfortable and practical. Diesel fuelled, blown air, low level heating provides an economical heating solution.

Seating is comfortable and practical. Tables are provided with USB phone/ computer sockets along with 240v eco plug socket. Diesel fuelled, blown air, low level heating provides an economical heating solution.


Dedicated Drying Room - with hanging rails, coat hooks and drain off mesh floor.

Dedicated Drying Room – with hanging rails, coat hooks and drain off mesh floor.

Other features:

Eco PIR activated lighting gives a high level of lighting to all rooms.

The 230ah 12v Battery Pack is recharged by both solar power and stephill 6kva super silent diesel generator which is programmed with 12v autostart technology.

Fuel is drawn from 1200 litre bunded fuel tank built under the deck which has been fitted with recessed floor lashing rings.

A Fuel polishing system and holster discharge delivery system will further improve reliability when used for refuelling water based plant.


Thetford Cartridge Style Toilet with Full Arm Hot Water Sink MOBY water heater also provides hot water to kitchen.

Thetford Cartridge Style Toilet with Full Arm Hot Water Sink
MOBY water heater also provides hot water to kitchen.


Water is supplied via clear 85l easy fill tank

Waste water can be automatically discharged “over the side” if required.


Newly fitted fuel / wheel house provides a separate and secure room with heavy duty shrouded locking points to house and protect all maintenance and fuel discharge equipment.


Generator maintenance is carried out from a fold down “over the side” drawbridge which increases the safe working area with a spring assisted gull wing type door. Access to the 12v electrics is via a hinged plant cupboard in the welfare area. Cab heater can be accessed via a dedicated cabinet in the WC / Wash Room.


Security and anti-tamper features were paramount in the design brief.

Security and anti-tamper features were paramount in the design brief.

Painting included up-to 120 microns of coverage in company colours using anti-slip paint as requested


Automatically activated floor lamps to bow, stern and hull areas.

Grab hand rails

Anti-slip finish surfaces

3rd Party NICCE Electrical Testing & Certification

Boat Safety Scheme ECP Part 2 Testing & Certification

“THE BIGGER PICTURE” is expected to be back out working on the waterways within the next few weeks… tweet us a pic if you spot her @kabcowelfare

“Bigger Picture… becoming clearer”


Kabco have now almost completed the renovation of another Land & Water Plant Welfare Barge.

This narrow boat refurbishment project includes :

Complete GRP interior

Total Re-Paint of Exterior

Re-Wire & Installation of Eco Pack / Generator

Manufacture & Installation of 1000L Bunded Fuel Tank with Fuel Station

Complete HSE Compliant Welfare Facilities

New Deck Work and Fabrication

Compliance testing inline with Boat Safety Scheme ECP Part 2


Photos Show  “BEFORE” keep watching for “AFTER”…

IMG_2639 IMG_3310 IMG_3309 IMG_2640 IMG_2119 IMG_2116



Versatility is the key for hire companies “NAVVY well liked”

Welfare Units

Kabco’s 5m cabin The Kabco Navvy has been well received by many customers as “bigger than normal”

Simple features include:

85l Clear Water Tank

Hot and Cold Water to Kitchen and Toilet

Separate Office or Store

Hi-absorption Chiller Fridge on Eco Version

And as the saying goes… “size matters” with the unit capable of accommodating 10 people.

Fully equipped kitchen with home from home appliances.

Fully equipped kitchen with home from home appliances.

Rear View of Navvy with shutter style light guards.

Rear View of Navvy with shutter style light guards.

Side view of Navvy showing fork truck lifting pockets.

Side view of Navvy showing fork truck lifting pockets.

Simple Controls

Simple Controls

Storage Shelf for Toilet Rolls "Dont get caught out"

Storage Shelf for Toilet Rolls “Dont get caught out”

Generous toilet / wash room c/w frosted glass window providing natural light.

Generous toilet / wash room c/w frosted glass window providing natural light.

Generous seating in welfare area c/w backrest.

Generous seating in welfare area c/w backrest.

Office / Store / Extra Drying Room with removable table.

Office / Store / Extra Drying Room with removable table.






When Grosvenor Oil Services Ltd required a work station / combination welfare pod complete with sleeping facilities we knew that a bespoke journey was beginning.

Forward thinking managers at Grosvenor appreciated that the specification needed to be end user led and therefore consultation with the staff would be a key factor in the success of the unit.

The pod needed to be removable from its location inside a 26 tonne curtain sided host vehicle and also include the following features:

* 2m x 800mm Bed

* Work Station

* Home from Home Kitchen with TV and Dining Table as well as Fridge/Freezer, Heating, Cooker, Microwave, Kettle and Toaster

* Wetroom with Shower and Changing Facilities

* Clothes Store

All of the above needed to be achieved within the 4.1m footprint allowable inside the host vehicle.

Access steps coupled with emergency exit steps that were easily stored on the unit were also considered an essential feature.

To complicate matters a little further Kabco were then informed that all the above appliances needed to be powered by a relatively small supply of just 6kva. Load would be over twice the supply so the electrical installation and appliances needed carful consideration

The Shower and hot water system was going to be a challenge “saying yes is easy having the right solution is a different story ”

The journey was going to be interesting…


Technical Director Simon Elston met immediately with staff on the ground who would be using the new pod – taking into account their personal requirements whilst holding the company brief in the forefront, he says:

“meeting with the operational staff who would be calling the pod “home” was essential as Grosvenor Oil customers also have high standard of operator welfare and safety in windfarms and substations, getting a feel for what these staff wanted was where the design started but as with any consulation the specification changes and often evolves growing arms and and legs along the way. In this instance it became clear that storage of equipment including flanges, pipes, hoses etc were also needed, this took the design from a welfare pod to a vehicle conversion with lockers to house the above”  After further investigation it was decided that almost three cubic metres of locker space was needed and the drawers needed  to be big open space for vacuum hoses and the like

Design at base level is form and function but on high value contracts first appearances are also key and appropriate 


The Kabco bespoke team were soon at work building the outer pod and preparing the vehicle to receive it – taking accurate measurements when the vehicle was available meant that Grosvenor could continue to work the 26 tonne curtain sider whilst awaiting build of the welfare pod.

Workshop Manager David Ezzatvar says “obviously making the pod with the vehicle on site would be much easier but we all appreciated that the customer could not have his vehicle out of the fleet for extended periods of time”

All along the build grosvenor staff commented on the build

          An additional window was fitted at their request whilst in the background kabco went to work on building and testing a shower ( based on 3 kW )             for grosvenor approval
         Not a caravan size shower but 1200 X 800 basin operated by push button percussion type tap
         Feeling refreshed after a day at work was also an essential part of the brief
         Some times the vehicle could be away for a week so it wasn’t a luxury supply and waste water tanks were going to be vehicle mounted
         In front of the welfare pod was going to be the plant cw kerosene burner vacuum pumps and a host of plumbing to handle the transformer oil
        Vibration and noise were also a concern as one operator would sleep in the cab whilst the other slept in the welfare pod
         At this point a 850 litre kerosene tank was also discussed and manufactured by kabco to provide fuel for the plant boiler 

Ultimately Grosvenor Oil approached Kabco to transfer the plant from an existing vehicle and re-fit to the new vehicle considering vibration of the plant for the operators using the welfare pod. This further development of the project took Kabco down a new path away from standard welfare but thanks to a skilled workforce this proved to be well within their scope.

Simon says ” the staff enjoyed these challenges as it’s something different ”

         As we moved through the programme within a month kabco developed a 3 kW shower /hot water system with priority switching which grosvenor            approved
         Battery powered LED lighting and charging was fitted , this fitted nicely with 12 volt water pumps phone chargers etc and even provides outside                lighting on the plant and its surroundings without the need for generator / ac power at initial “set up”


The completed pod / vehicle combination is now in service and feedback to far has been very positive.

“So far the customer is happy but as with all bespoke jobs staying married to the product in the field will determine its ultimate success”

Staying married to it also helps us as you see the product operating and all that is part of job satisfaction for the whole business

          Bespoke builds don’t need to be that expensive if you can think them through and plan
          Obviously there not off the shelf but you get what you want sometimes a little innovation makes the job easier and win-  win can be achieved
IMG_3065 IMG_3058 IMG_3055 IMG_3052 IMG_3050 IMG_3047 IMG_3044 IMG_3043 IMG_3037 IMG_3030 IMG_3027 IMG_2995 IMG_2988



Staff and products but their best foot forward when exhibiting at ScotPlant 2016.

Coupled with the good weather Kabco received positive industry feedback on its showcased items including a 20ft Eco Container Conversion which was later destined for the Argyll’s and the ever popular Kabco Navvy designed and built for hire industry leaders Jarvie Plant Ltd.

Simon Says: “what people couldn’t get over was the amount of flexible space on offer in the single axle Kabco Navvy – this along with the features customer have to come to expect was well received by all”

A number of service engineers who bring with them technical savvy when viewing a product appreciated the easy maintenance aspects of the design and access to the power modules.

IMG_1759.JPG IMG_2675 IMG_2676 IMG_2677 IMG_2679 IMG_2680 IMG_2682 IMG_2683

Kabco service manager David says “its all well and good products looking the part but they have to work and be easily serviced and repaired”

Another well organised and effective show – keeping the Kabco brand live in Scotland!






Along with our sparkling personalities and wit – Kabco will also be bring its super versatile Kabco Navvy unit.

As the name suggests its big and brutal at 5m long on fully galvanised 3 tonne high clearance chassis with Elston Hi-Lift Air Suspension.

The Kabco Navvy provides more space than any other 5m unit on the market – whilst providing many unique Kabco features and all the durability and towing finesse you have come to expect from a Kabco product.

With interchangeable interior configurations taking the unit from a 9 operator welfare facility to a mobile board room the possibilities are endless.

Come and see for yourselves at ScotPlant 2016

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Keeping up with Kabco Know How

Welfare Units

As the welfare market matures, hire companies and operators alike gain “savvy”.

Kabco Know How is a key element to bespoke manufacturing.

Listed below are a number of key features that distinguish the Kabco product range:

Elston Air Suspension (Standard or Hi-lift)

Low Mount Coupling Shroud

Easy Access Maintenance Panels

Hinged Lockable Light Guards

Fork Truck Pockets

Industry Standard Doors / Windows / Shutters

Clean and Dirty Drying Room



















Energy Solutions Choose Air Suspension For Sellafield Project


1When Energy Solution Ltd required a mobile control cabin for the Sellafield project, it made sense to choose the manufacturer who has a history of producing bespoke models on air suspension and has built for Sellafield previously. Kabco’s air suspension offers many benefits ranging from adjustable ride height to multi fleet applications. There are a number of cabin firms out there but not all will build bespoke products and can provide a gentle handling of a potentially sensitive cargo which is what the Sellafield project requires.

Once the cabin is lowered to the ground, the entrance threshold is at 125mm,  this is probably the lowest on the market improving safety standards even further. Kabco can offer chassis platforms with various bellow locations to suit the customers requirements.

Project Brief: 

To provide a towable ground lowering cabin that can be towed around the Sellafield Site with various vehicles, used to house an operating station for robotic equipment handling sensitive materials. 


With compliments from both Energy Solutions and Sellafield staff.

Kabco’s experience of building trailers on air suspension makes them a unique manufacturer. With over 40 years experience in the towing industry Kabco understand the key elements of a safe tow. Sometimes loadings within a trailer can not be evenly distributed (e.g Generator / Control Panels) however Kabco’s experience enables them to design a chassis / suspension platform that can cater for these irregular circumstances. Only Elston Air Suspension by Kabco offers a degree of adjustment in towing height.

Simon says:  “Air suspension is the preferred suspension on commercial vehicles, buses and trains – light commercial trailers was an obvious development”

The benefits of towing a trailer fitted with Elston Air Suspension are:

* Extra low ground-loading capability

* Less fatigue on trailer, towing vehicle and driver

* Adjustable Ride Height to compliment towing vehicle

* Less movement to load (including the movement of liquids within tanks – diesel / water / waste)

* No oil leaks

* Improved carbon footprint

* Simple to operate

Energy Solutions - Operator Workstation  Sellafield

Energy Solutions – Operator Workstation

Energy Solutions - Workstation  Sellafield

Energy Solutions – Workstation

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