Energy Solutions Choose Air Suspension For Sellafield Project


1When Energy Solution Ltd required a mobile control cabin for the Sellafield project, it made sense to choose the manufacturer who has a history of producing bespoke models on air suspension and has built for Sellafield previously. Kabco’s air suspension offers many benefits ranging from adjustable ride height to multi fleet applications. There are a number of cabin firms out there but not all will build bespoke products and can provide a gentle handling of a potentially sensitive cargo which is what the Sellafield project requires.

Once the cabin is lowered to the ground, the entrance threshold is at 125mm,  this is probably the lowest on the market improving safety standards even further. Kabco can offer chassis platforms with various bellow locations to suit the customers requirements.

Project Brief: 

To provide a towable ground lowering cabin that can be towed around the Sellafield Site with various vehicles, used to house an operating station for robotic equipment handling sensitive materials. 


With compliments from both Energy Solutions and Sellafield staff.

Kabco’s experience of building trailers on air suspension makes them a unique manufacturer. With over 40 years experience in the towing industry Kabco understand the key elements of a safe tow. Sometimes loadings within a trailer can not be evenly distributed (e.g Generator / Control Panels) however Kabco’s experience enables them to design a chassis / suspension platform that can cater for these irregular circumstances. Only Elston Air Suspension by Kabco offers a degree of adjustment in towing height.

Simon says:  “Air suspension is the preferred suspension on commercial vehicles, buses and trains – light commercial trailers was an obvious development”

The benefits of towing a trailer fitted with Elston Air Suspension are:

* Extra low ground-loading capability

* Less fatigue on trailer, towing vehicle and driver

* Adjustable Ride Height to compliment towing vehicle

* Less movement to load (including the movement of liquids within tanks – diesel / water / waste)

* No oil leaks

* Improved carbon footprint

* Simple to operate

Energy Solutions - Operator Workstation  Sellafield

Energy Solutions – Operator Workstation

Energy Solutions - Workstation  Sellafield

Energy Solutions – Workstation

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