Generator - 6kVa 4.8kw

Stephill Generator
There are a range of 6kVa generators on the market and Kabco can fit customer supplied generators or offer a full supply and fit installation. As standard, Kabco uses the Stephill 6kVa generator, which has been developed specifically for use in welfare units. The Stephill generator is one of the quietest and most reliable generator sets in its class and features a super silenced twin exhaust, low fuel, low oil protection and a 1 hour run timer.

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We offer welfare unit power solutions to meet your requirements.

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12v Silent Pack

Improved operator comfort and reduced generator run times.

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Diesel generator power is ideal for operators who have a high power demand whilst on site. The use of a change over switch for 240v appliances ensures that too much load is not placed on the generator at any one time and that the power source is used for the correct application. A typical changeover switch configuration is as follows:

  1. Position 1. – Kettle, Microwave, Down Heater = approx 4kw of power
  2. Position 2. – Water Heater (Kitchen & WC) = 3kw of power
  3. Position 3. – Compressor and Spare Socket = Up to 3kw power

Diesel generator powered equipment is common on most sites and many operators are familiar with their use for a range of applications. This means that generator powered equipment is less likely to subjected to problems caused by operator error.

Diesel generators are easy to service and maintain, ensuring that their lifespan can be prolonged whilst in operation.

Kabco offers service contracts to maintain and service welfare units in the field, but as a common source of remote power, diesel generators are serviced by a number of other proprietary service agents nationwide and customers can easily source their own support locally.

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