Solar panels are an environmentally friendly way of charging batteries and are a recognisable factor in meeting the requirements of environmental policies in many organisations today. A welfare unit that is powered by solar can be totally self sufficient without the need for additional fuels or power, although if there is a high level of power demand, an additional source of power is recommended.

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Solar power provides a sustainable form of energy that is environmentally friendly, has no noise and no emissions. These benefits lend themselves to increased operator comfort and minimising the welfare unit’s environmental impact.
Meeting the environmental requirements of many public and private sector organisations, the incorporation of solar panels to power welfare units is
an attractive feature for the environmentally conscious and can be the preferred power solution in environmentally sensitive areas.

Although slightly more expensive than generator powered equipment, the savings made on fuel and maintenance costs mean that the use of solar powered equipment is more cost effective over time.
As a self generating source of power, the use of solar means there are no running costs and the absence of moving parts means there no need for servicing.

When wholly relying on solar input for battery charging, the system must be used sparingly to maintain the balance of charge to consumption. For units with high footfall or that will be used day and night, an additional method of charging is recommended in order to meet demand for power and prevent total battery drainage.
Kabco offers a number of additional power solutions including Generator Power and Start on Demand.

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