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Start on Demand is an automated control system for generator use. Using stop-start technology, similar to that found on new motor vehicles, Start on Demand means that the welfare unit on board generator only needs to run when required. Simply turn on an electrical appliance and the generator will start. Once the appliance turns off, the generator will stop. This prevents over run on generators, meaning there are savings on fuel and extended time between service intervals.

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Welfare unit diesel generator installation.

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12v Silent Pack

Improved operator comfort and reduced generator run times.

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In a growing environmentally conscious market, Start on Demand offers a considerable number of environmental benefits. For certain applications, diesel generator power is necessary due to high power demand and greener power modules alone are unsuitable.

Start on Demand allows 12v solar powered or battery based systems to be used, satisfying the requirement for green energy, but also allows the more realistic operational demand for power to be met from a generator when required.

The Start on Demand lends itself to electrical appliances that are used for dedicated or predetermined time cycles eg. Kettle, Microwave etc. Appliances that are turned on and left on, such as down heaters and water heaters, will require additional timing devices to be added to maximise the benefit.

Start on Demand can be offered specifically for certain appliances and not the unit as a whole. This means that when peaks of power are required from a lower voltage system, the generator can be on standby to respond to high power demand.

Such a configuration is ideal to support a 12v solar powered or battery based system.

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