Welfare Unit Type Approval

Each one of our welfare units is externally tested by VOSA before being issued Individual Vehicle Approval (IVA). On the introduction of legislation that each newly manufactured trailer must be approved to ensure that they meet certain safety and environmental standards, many of our counterparts within the industry quickly worked towards achieving Whole Series or National Small Series type approval, although Kabco Welfare Units have taken a difference stance.

IVA testing by VOSAIVA – the customer focused approach

As a bespoke welfare units manufacturer,  Kabco Welfare Units are renowned for building products on specification, or adapting our standard range of products to meet the specific needs of our customers – in our experience, no two customers’ welfare units are identical. It is because of our flexible, customer orientated approach, that we have chosen not to be restricted by a more general type approval and have chosen to have each unit IVA tested by VOSA – a simple customer request such as having different road lighting or a specific length draw bar could mean that standard types of approval would not be met.

It’s part of the process

The IVA inspection is now part of our overall quality process. After being built and checked at our site in Wigan, each welfare unit is given an independent inspection by VOSA, offering additional peace of mind to our customers.

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